Digital Personas

Forget simple chatbots: the future of conversational AI lies in digital personas. A persona provides genuine human-like interaction by combining complex conversational skills, an appropriate voice, the appearance of a "digital human" (3D avatar), a specific character and information profile, and a personalized approach to each conversational partner. That's the vision we build on when developing Flowstorm!

One of the unique benefits of Flowstorm is that it offers its users an environment for building digital personas. These are not just simple bots but complex, contextual personas that communicate in a highly personalized way, adapting to every particular user whose previous interactions it remembers and learns from, gradually building the user's profile.

The better we know the user and the context, the better we can adapt the conversational style. The personas are fully customizable: you choose your persona's character, voice, and avatar. Photorealistic 3D avatars will enhance your experience of human-computer interaction even more. You will be able to personalize your digital persona to fit your and your customers' needs.

Our goal is to reduce the development process so that designers can create more natural dialogues and sophisticated digital personas with far less effort. Digital personas are able to not only have conversations but also complete goal-oriented tasks. The aim is to make our AI not only as smart as possible but also socially skilled so that it can react appropriately in any situation. Digital personas become efficient assistants in both your business and personal life.