PromethistAI is a dynamic new startup created by a diverse team of people with different ages, talents, and experience.

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The Story

Our co-founder Jan Šedivý is an AI trailblazer with three decades of experience on both sides of the Atlantic. He sees the big picture stuff – the visionary potential of AI to change our world for good.


Building the software architecture from Jan’s blueprints is Tomáš Zajíček – he’s been doing this for twenty years, and has a passion for gadgets and development.


But it’s a tough world out there so completing the top team is Klára Lorencová, who has the corporate and legal acumen to turn ideas into business into profit. And if you’re wondering where all the bright young IT talent is – well we have some of the brightest AI and chatbot designers in the country, including humanities specialists as linguists and psychologists. It’s a truly multifaceted team, and we’re stronger for it.