Flowstorm is a low-code platform for the development of digital personas and advanced conversational AI applications.


Thanks to a user-friendly interface, a set of reusable assets and other tools, Flowstorm opens up new horizons for developers, conversation designers, and all other creatives.

Digital Persona

Why Choose Flowstorm


Digital Personas

Forget simple chatbots: the future of conversational AI lies in digital personas. A persona provides genuine human-like interaction by combining complex conversational skills, an appropriate voice, the appearance of a “digital human” (3D avatar), a specific character and information profile, and a personalized approach to each conversational partner. That’s the vision we build on when developing Flowstorm!


Create Voice-First Apps with Drag & Drop UI

Author a complex voice-first application with a simple drag-and-drop UI. Rely on predefined, tested, and proven dialogue parts. Sub-dialogues, mixins, snippets, and topics are like Lego parts designed for a fast and easy building process. Pictures and recorded voices are included. Use Kotlin to control the application logic.

Flowstorm Test a Voice App on the Fly

The platform contains an integrated chat window where you can test your dialogue immediately after building it. It might look like a typical chatbot interface, however, as we focus on voice-first applications, you can choose whether you want to test it by typing your utterances or saying them out loud. You will be able to test how future users will experience the conversation.

Test It in a Minute

Mobile, Desktop, VR... 

Access Your App Anywhere


The platform provides integrations into Alexa, Google Nest, iPhone, Android, WEB, Unreal Engine, POTS, and Twilio. We also provide an open-source template to write custom integration into any device with a speaker and a microphone. Flowstorm also supports ASR and TTS from major providers (Amazon, Google, Microsoft).

Flowstorm Devices & Channels
Flowstorm Built-in Analytics

Analytics - Understand Customers


Flowstorm comes with built-in analytics. Analyze users' behavior and find problematic dialogues. Learn from the traffic. Enhance the performance of your app. Inspect the sessions, including all the details and the confidence score. Fine-tune the application.

Collaboration and Sharing


Flowstorm is ready for collaborative design. Share dialogues and various reusable assets with your team. Take advantage of sub-dialogues to enable team members to work on separate pieces of code and let them add their part to the entire artwork. Distribute the app to testers and analyze the feedback.

Rich Context in a Conversational App

Use Knowledge
Use Rich Context


Context is the key to creating personalized and adaptive dialogues. We have introduced attributes with different scopes. The user attribute is the best for building the user profile. The session dialogue suits the application context. We offer the Kotlin programing language to process and manipulate any parts of the dialog.

Deploy Open-Source Runtime On Premise


We provide open-source for the Core and a template for clients. The Core is the major runtime component. It can be installed in any cloud or on-premise. The client template is a starting point to write integrations for any device.

Open Source Runtime


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